Ad Copy Cat

A copywriter's journey in scavenging for ads with overlapping themes.

Sweet Seats.

Audi & Magnum Ice Cream

Sweet Breakup #1

Mike and Ike ‘The Split.’

 Sweet Breakup #2

Twix ‘Ideologies.’

Get your grooming back in line.  

Rejoice Conditioner & Panasonic’s Nose Trimmer

Take a bite out of life without chewing up the environment.

Xterra & Whirlpool

Bus stop more comfortable than the actual bus.  

Absolut Vodka & Ikea

Elevate your strength.

Superman Movie & Gold’s Gym 

Baby got back.

Ford Fusion & Mini 

Battle of the Whites

Liquid Paper & Mr. Clean

Having a ball… or two.

Nike & Powerball